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Chris was awesome.  He told us exactly what we needed to do to the house to get it ready to list and got us a higher than expected offer in 6 days!!  Couldn't be happier with the smooth, quick sale.

- Client from Newark, DE

Chris guided me through the sale process of my home masterfully and aided me in getting more than I thought would be possible.  I highly recommend Chris.

- Client from Bear, DE

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Anthony Keating


Anthony is a Licensed Realtor in Delaware. He joined the Spotlight Real Estate Group after a fateful meeting with Chris Black at an open house. Anthony and Chris bonded over their shared film industry careers, and the overlapping work values between the field of film and real estate. 


Anthony's drive, determination and meticulous work ethic throughout his life was well matched to make him successful in the competitive field of film production, and sequentially real estate. 


After graduating Saint Mark’s High School, he attended Wilmington University, where he earned his B.S. in Studio Production, then worked behind-the-scenes for nearly a decade on several projects across the country. Anthony's non-stop hard work soon earned him a place as a member of the Director’s Guild of America, and Assistant Director at the age of 27. 

Anthony's shift into real estate, stemmed from his interest in returning to the state of Delaware, for which he has a fondness. He has been a Delawarean since he was 5-years-old, and his best memories are of growing up, and making friends around the neighborhood of his childhood home in Downtown Newark. Anthony has ties to the local community through his mother, sister, friends and colleagues. The beautiful weather, the friendly suburbs, the delicious restaurants, the tax-free shopping, the drivable distance to New York, D.C., Philadelphia, & Baltimore, and the easy access to the amazing beaches including the shore points of New Jersey and Maryland are only some of what makes Delaware a perfect place to live.


Anthony's attention to detail, and skillful management from his film career all cross over seamlessly to his work in real estate, and the Spotlight Real Estate Group is lucky to have him on our team. 


Additionally, he holds the same values about business as the other realtors within our group. Anthony believes wholeheartedly in being upfront, honest, and always doing the right thing. He takes great pleasure in helping others and would love be your guide to buying or selling your next home.

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