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Fall Landscaping Tips - How to Save & Create Curb Appeal

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

How can I have beautiful seasonal landscaping that doesn't break the bank and helps increase my curb appeal? We reached out to the Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware to get the low-down, check out their expert tips!

How to Save

Tip #1: If you rake up the leaves in your yard, run them over with your lawn mower, and then rake them into the garden again. It will turn in to healthy soil for your garden.

Tip #2: Fall is a great time to divide plants. Many perennials can be divided, and you can use a shovel to split them in half, then you’ll have two for the price of one next Spring.

Tip #3: Fall is a great time for garden center sales, and stock rotates throughout the seasons so they won’t have the same things in Fall as they do in Spring. Mt. Cuba recommends Gateway Garden Center in Hockessin. They have a mailing list, and will send you upcoming sales.

How to Create Curb Appeal

Tip #1: Fall is the best time to add trees and is the biggest thing for landscape value.

Mt Cuba recommends two native species

  • The Black gum tree which has “almost a rainbow of fall colors in it.”

  • Dogwood tree because “even when they lose their trees they have a beautiful shape.”

Native trees also support a lot of insects, which Mt. Cuba says is great because most insects are absolutely crucial to life in your gardens.

Tip #2: How to Prune your plants so they are beautiful and healthy.

When you prune depends on the plant, and if it sets its buds before or after winter. If there are buds on your plant in the fall, hold off on pruning it.

For example, Rhododendrons should not be pruned in fall because they already have next year’s buds growing, and it may affect how well they flower.

It’s better to prune in Winter because the plant is dormant and you can see all of its branching structure. On that note, make sure to remove dead branches, and trim branches that cross and rub each other.

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