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5 Ways to Boost Your Fall Curb Appeal

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Delaware! It's a great time to show of your outdoor space.

There are two curb appeal moments you want to highlight for your perspective buyer. When they first arrive, seeing the home from the street and when they open the back door to first experience the back yard.

Here are a few tricks to boosting your fall curb appeal.

Fall Theme in Moderation

It's great to be festive! But please don't take away too much attention from the house. A fall wreath, pumpkins, or dried corn stalk as part of your front porch decor adds a warmth.

Fresh Paint is Always in Season

To get the first impression right, you want to have the front door freshly painted. You can check out some of the bold front door colors of 2020. You will also want to consider a new fixtures for the front door. This will cost less than $300 and can make the house feel new and fresh.

Great Lighting

As summer sunsets turn into fall evenings, make sure you have great lighting for your front door and rear yard. You want to show off you beautiful home and its not easy to do it when it is dark. Wayfair has excellent option for solar outdoor lights.

Clean up the Yard

The worst thing I've heard a buyer say in autumn, when stepping out of their car, is "Wow. That's a lot of raking". The last thing we want is the buyer to look at your house as work rather than home. Make sure the walkway is swept, leaves are picked up, and the gardens have been cut back.

Colorful Fall Flowers

Add colorful fall flowers, like mums, will give the front and back yard a pop of color. Bring life into a property adds warmth to a home. The first thing we want is the buyer to be comfortable and get positive feelings from the house. Don't over think it. The flowers can be planted or potted... just make sure they get water.

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