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Expert Sellers.  Exceptional Service.


Are you ready to sell your home?  Take the first step - schedule your meeting with a skilled realtor from the Spotlight Real Estate team.  During this meeting you will align goals, timelines, and expectations.  The consultation is free and outlines the next steps in your selling journey: pricing, condition, and marketing.  What do homes that sell quickly have in common? 
An Expert Realtor.

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Price to Sell

Understand how to correctly price your house for your market, and your goals.

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Best Foot Forward

The condition of your property impacts buyer perception - find out how to make a good first impression.

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Spread the Word

Let our team help attract qualified buyers to come see your property.


Price Correctly, Sell Quickly

Pricing your house to sell is an art, an art that has been carefully refined by the real estate professionals at Spotlight.  Below are the key components to take into account when developing a pricing strategy for your home:  

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Priced Too High

If you price too high you may deter buyers. Don't fall into the trap of demanding a high asking price knowing that you have room to negotiate down.  It is a misconception that high price = better offers.  Instead your home is more likely to sit on the market for an extended period of time, and go through price cuts.  Homes that have been on the market for a long time look suspicious to buyers and can result in decreased interest.

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Priced Too Low

If you price too low you run the risk of receiving offers that are below your desired price point. Your home is valuable, ask for a price that is fair.

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Priced Just Right

Pricing your home at fair value means finding that sweet spot between your needs and the demands of your ideal buyer.  This pricing strategy creates competition between buyers, increases the interest in your property, and can ultimately help you both sell your home faster, and for a higher price point than your original listing.

How To Land on Fair Market Value?

The Spotlight team can asses the fair market value of your home by conducting a market analysis in your area based on recent and historical home sale values in your area.  They will also perform a condition evaluation of your home, and will provide you with suggestions for how to increase the sale price of your home based on their years of experience and expertise.

Pricing Information


Perception is Reality

The condition of your home (how it looks and the shape it's in) impact how a property is viewed by potential buyers.  Is it a great house but it's cluttered and messy?  Perception is reality and many buyers won't be able to see past it.  The Spotlight team will help you make small changes and improvements to your home that will have a big impact on your sale price.

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Reduce Clutter

You know the saying "the first step is always the hardest?", this is what they were talking about, but it's worth the effort.  When a buyer walks through their home they want to imagine living there, with their personal items, if too many of yours are in the way it will make it hard for them to envision the space being their own. 


Don't worry, this doesn't have to be painful - the Spotlight expert team can help you create the perfect environment for your buyers to browse.  The Spotlight team will help you evaluate, room-by-room, what to do to make a better "clean slate" for your buyers.  Are you looking for an outside resource to organize and de-clutter?  Download the resource list below.

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Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Professional staging and photography is a great way to make your property shine in online listings.  The Spotlight team works collaboratively with Tara & Josh of Wheeler Home Concepts for your staging and photography needs.  We'll discuss your selling goals and help determine if this service is a fit for you.

Ready for That First Step?

Schedule a listing appointment with Spotlight to start the conversation about your home selling goals and let them light your way through the selling process.


Get Seen, Get Sold

The Spotlight team are experts at both preparing your home for sale, and spreading the word about your property.  We use a proven cross-channel marketing mix to get you seen, and ultimately to get your home sold.



Professional photos present

your home in the best light.

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Direct Mail

Personalized direct mail to home owners in your area to generate awareness

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Open House

Open house advertising and hosting

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Social Media

Geotargeted paid social media advertising campaigns



Expert target capability to get your home in front of those most likely to buy


Digital Exposure

Digital flyers, MLS listing, Spotlight website listing, and posted on 300+ home buying websites.

Want to Shout it From the Rooftops...Literally?

Contact the Spotlight team today to get the process started.  The Spotlight team will align your goals with the right marketing mix to help sell your home - fast!

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