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Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

A few years ago, I was helping a client sell their vacant home during winter. I strongly recommended winterizing the house, which involves turning off the water and adding anti-freeze to the pipes. It's a small investment that can save you from major headaches later on!

However, the seller had a different plan in mind. They decided to keep the heat on at 55 degrees and kept the water on. Fast forward a few weeks, and I received a frantic call from a buyer's agent who was showing the property. "There is water gushing out from under the front door. It's a major flood!"

Without wasting a second, I rushed over to the house to turn off the water and assess the damage. Sadly, the second-floor bathroom pipe had frozen, burst, and flooded the entire first floor. It was a nightmare, causing extensive damage to the floors, ceiling, and kitchen, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Please don't forget these important home maintenance items that could cause you problems as the weather gets colder.

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