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Examining the Impact: Breaking Down the $1.8 Billion Lawsuit Against Realtors

Updated: Jan 30

Chris gives you his take on how this will change the way real estate fees are paid to Realtors, how it affects buyers, sellers, and Realtors.

"The verdict asserts that 'a conspiracy existed to follow and enforce the Cooperative Compensation Rule and that the arrangement caused the plaintiffs to pay more for real estate brokerage services' than they otherwise would have" - Forbes Article

"The judge presiding over the case will have to decide the scope of the injunction, which could end up amounting to 'minor tweaks' to the current commission-sharing system. 'If that is the case, then the impact may be limited as we expect most brokers will continue to offer commission sharing to boost interest in the property,' Seiberg added." - CNN Article

News articles for more information and additional opinions:

Do you think this will substantially change who pays the buyer's agent?

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  • Maybe, a little bit

  • Not at all

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